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[27 Feb 2007|05:11pm]
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[21 Feb 2005|01:41am]
So it twas my birthday last friday, the 18th, yes yes! Gots my self a shit load of kaahh ching! I plan to live this down with a formal yet casual partay, to which you are all not invited to this friday or saturday, or whatever day I wish with close friends of mine and to any hopefulls that shall not be invited. LIKE WHOA! Lets just say we will all be in "aftershock" when we are down. whoa, tricky tricky!

+went to my grandparents 50th anniversary on saturday, which was pretty fucking boring if I had to say.

+But I have a question: How the fuck can you still be married to the same person for 50 god damn years? I am sorry, but I dont think that i could put up with that, no way. It would definately get old, yes yes it would.

+After went out with Aunt Missy for my birthday. First went to a leb raiders hockey game, cause my cousin ryan is on the varsity team, and it was the last game, and I have to admit, that kid can fuckin play some hockey! Then after the game I went out and went shopping (doing what I do best) and came home and hung out with my brother and Danni(his gf)

watching movies are fun!
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like whoa! [11 Feb 2005|11:51am]
[ mood | tired ]

Well I have not been updating as much as I would like to, but oh well. School has been canceled for the past two days, and I have been glad about that! I'm sick of school, and all of the bullshit that comes with it.

Thursday wasn't that much fun, I don't recall doing anything fun....ummmm, today, I hung out at mi padres house. I went to the movies tonight with Jordan, and a couple minutes later ms. stone decided to show up and then sara st.A and danny c. It sure was a party. And we saw Boogyman, DO NOT GO AND FUCKING WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY WITH THAT PIECE OF SHIT MOVIE! lol, no really, it sucked.

Ahhhhh tomorrow I have to get up early in the morning, like 6 to go to a fundraising thing with Jordan. It like a pancake thing. lol. Reminds me of PANCAKES!!!! from CF! MY BIRTHDAY IS IN 7 DAYS! yeah! ¡Hasta luego!

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Crap! [01 Jan 2005|04:08pm]
[ mood | Thirsty hu?!?! ]

BUHHHHHH! so its been a fun filled day of The O.C. and a hot hot house.


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YIPPEE SKIPPEE!! [31 Dec 2004|01:23pm]
[ mood | Quite alright! ]

Well, this day would be new years eve, day that is. It is highly doubtful that I will actually do anything today. Like Jordan said, its not really that big of a deal, but to some people it is. HMMMMMM.... I just dont know. Yesterday was a funny adventure: Going to the mall with Jordan and Sam (the concord mall if you really wanted to know). I dont think that I like that mall, they dont have very much shit. Now, the Rockingham Mall has fucking everything lol!

We played around alittle to see if we could buy anything at the mall, I ended up not buying anything, which is highly unusual, cause I always buy something when shopping, OH WELL!

While walking out of the mall, there was a cute---(ok jordan HOTTTTTT!) boy that walked past us and Jordan, Sam, and I turned our heads at each other, was like " HOLY MOTHERFUCKINGAH KDKJASDKJASAJSHDJASGDA SHIT!" yea it was a fun filled day, NO DOUBT!

Then I thought I would walk myself over to the BestBuy store I though I could find iPOD accesories, like a new case that I am in desperate need for it, yeah I did, but iPOD minis cases, AND I DONT HAVE A GOD DAMN IPOD MINI! THATS BULLSHIT NOT EVERYONE HAS AN IPOD MINIIIII! FUCKERSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! I have the big one thank you very much!

So as I have been counting, I have already watched Napoleon Dynomite, about, ahhhhhhhhhh...., 5 times now. It not so exciting after the 4 time, but oh well. Jon Heder makes me laugh. "Tina, YA FAT LARD, COME GET YOUR FOOD!" ahhhhhhh pricless!

I think that me and Jordan (or maybe some other peole) might go to a Hawthorne Heights concert soon?!

Soon plan to see Mae, I dont care if its half way across the country damnit!


Look at that beauty! yes that is mine!

Your a $10 dollar hoe!

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